German TV Series Depicting Life After WWII

I just started watching the second season of an excellent German television mini-series called Tannbach (or “Line of Separation” in English).

Tannbach is a fictional German village. Viewers see what happened to the village and its inhabitants after WWII. The first season opens in the final days of WWII as the Nazi regime collapses. The villagers face considerable hardships.

I loved the first season and the second season which consists of three 90-minute episodes is off to a good start. All episodes are now available so you can binge away if the spirit moves you.

Tannbach Season 1 Trailer

The second season of the series starts in 1960, eight years after the events depicted in the finale of the first season. It follows events through the Prague Spring in 1968.

It’s interesting to see this period from a German perspective, including the differences between east and west Germany as well as the way Germans see their American and Russian occupiers.

Tannbach Season 2 Trailer

The series is available on through Walter Presents on the PBS Masterpiece Channel on Amazon Prime Video or through the platforms listed here.

You can read more about the series on the Goethe-Institut website or The Euro TV Place.

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