The Open Web

What is the open web?

The best definition I have seen is from the Mozilla Foundation:

An open web is a web by and for all its users, not select gatekeepers or governments.

At Mozilla, we compare the open web to a global public resource, like clean water or the environment. The open web is something we all depend on: to communicate and create, to work and play, to buy and sell. And like any other natural resource, it’s fragile. It needs care, because it can be polluted: by harassment and abuse, by misinformation, by bad public policy.

Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation

Open Web Resources

Mac Open Web

The Web We Lost by Anil Dash

Anywhere but Medium by Dave Winer

Dave Winer on the Internet History Podcast

What I mean by “the open web” by Dave Winer

I will add to this post as I discover additional resources.

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