Social Media: What happens when you stop playing the game

Fashion model Sigrid Agren explains she lost 30,000 Instagram followers when she started posting about what she really cares about rather than creating and posting fantasy-inducing images:

I knew that the white sand and turquoise water shot would be popular, especially if I was in it, in a bikini. But what really moved me was that black and white shot of a little boy fishing. What needed to happen happened : the more I posted, really, truthfully, the more my likes and following went down. Obviously my ego got a little bruised and started complaining but I ignored it.

Today I am grateful. I hope that I will keep narrowing my audience and finally find “my” people : the ones I can engage with truthfully. Those who don’t just follow me, those who get me.

The day I showed who I was. And lost 30 000 followers 🙂

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