Blogging: Is readership important?

Personally, I think if you have started a personal blog with the intention of growing a huge following and becoming Internet famous, you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons.

Kev Quirk

I do want people to read my blog, and I’d love it if more people did. I like getting comments. I’m genuinely happy when people find my writing useful and interesting. But it would be wrong to say that these interactions are the reason I write because the simple fact is that I write for myself and myself only. I suspect I would blog even if I had no readers at all.

Desmond Rivet

This post is part of a series of posts sharing thoughts on what motivates bloggers.

1 reply on “Blogging: Is readership important?”

Interesting post, David!
Blogging without readers would feel pointless to me, though.
Sure, I write for myself: but why, then, go to all the added effort of creating a blog?
I’d just leave the writing in notebooks, if I didn’t want readers.


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