American Airlines to Add Seattle to India Service

AirlineGeeks reports that American Airlines will have new nonstop service between Seattle and Bangalore, India in October. American will become the first airline to offer nonstop flights between Bangalore and the United States. American Airlines has not flown to India since 2012.

The service will connect the city that is home to Amazon and Microsoft with the city sometimes called the “Silicon Valley of India.”


Audiobook: James Taylor

I just listened to ‘Break Shot: My First 21 Years‘ by James Taylor on Audible. Taylor recounts his first 21 years in very personal and moving terms while interspersing his wonderful music.

The audiobook is only 90-minutes long and worth every minute. Here are a couple of highlights that really resonated with me:

  • “Memory is tricky. We remember how it felt, not necessarily how it was. Songs grow out of memories.”
  • “We want to go back and fix something that has already vanished and can never be corrected. But we can correct it in a song . . . .”

This audiobook is free to Audible members and free with a trial through April 2, 2020. I would have gladly paid for this gem of an audiobook.


World's Best Employers, 2019

3Red Hat
6Costco Wholesale
7Contemporary Amperex Technology
8Cisco Systems
Source: Forbes

Alphabet was number one for the third year in a row. Amazon was number ten despite criticism of its employment practices.


Podcast: ‘The Kindle Chronicles’

I enjoy keeping track of developments at My primary source of information is The Kindle Chronicles podcast.

Len Edgerly is the creator and host of the podcast. Len is a bright fellow with a background in journalism. He graduated from Harvard College in 1972 and the Harvard Business School in 1977.

Before retiring he was a business journalist at The Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin, an editor of an energy magazine in Casper, Wyoming, and an executive at a natural gas company based in Denver.

Len has been podcasting since 2006, when he launched the Audio Pod Chronicles and Video Pod Chronicles. He began the weekly Kindle Chronicles podcast in 2008. New podcasts generally appear each Friday and last about 40 minutes. Although Len does everything himself he is diligent in publishing a new episode each week even under difficult circumstances.

Each podcast consists of four parts:

  1. Amazon related news
  2. Kindle Tech Tips
  3. An interview
  4. Book recommendations

Len attracts interesting guests. In 2016, he interviewed Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. Len loves to read and I have come to value the book recommendations he includes in his podcast. I also have learned a lot about the fast changing publishing business by listening to The Kindle Chronicles.

But what I enjoy most is Len’s intellect and curiosity. I look forward to each new episode.