Bluffworks Travel Clothing

I am a big fan of Bluffworks clothing, especially when I travel.


Travel pants are useful. I was looking for pants that would:

  • Be washable;
  • Resist wrinkles;
  • Have pockets designed to foil pickpockets;
  • Look presentable in the city. I wasn’t looking for pants I could only wear on safari.

The best travel pants I’ve found are from Bluffworks in New York City. Bluff Works pants are the creation of Stefan Loble. Loble’s goal, in his own words, was:

to create pants equally comfortable for biking to work, presenting to a client, and wrestling on the grass in Central Park. And when all that was done, I wanted to throw them in my drawer to be worn again — without ironing or doing laundry.

Loble succeeded. These pants are really wash and wear. Wash them in the washing machine and then pop them in the dryer. They come out nearly wrinkle free and pretty much stay that way. You can also wash them in a hotel sink and they will dry pretty fast. I try to give them a full day to dry out. After 24 hours, I am sure they will be completely dry.

Bluffworks Original Travel Pants

Bluffworks offers several different models of pants. I prefer the “Original Pants.” The pants look very presentable — almost like wool. You can wear them in casual settings or dress them up with a nice shirt and a sweater or a blazer and walk into a nice restaurant and look fine. The pants have two zippered pockets: One pocket is hidden in the left front pocket and is large enough to hold a passport. The other zippered pocket is in the back and sized for a good size travel wallet. The pants are available in two fits — regular and relaxed. I wear the regular. I think the pants look best in Charcoal Gray. I also like them in Navy. I am not fond of the Khaki color, which I think is too light.

Bluffworks travel pants have been reviewed on the Snarky Nomad website. Eytan Levy, the author of that website, prefers the Chinos because the fabric is stretchy. I think the Originals look more natural. Both are worth checking out. You might order both and return the ones you don’t prefer. SnarkyNomad also has travel tips relating to money, safety and packing.

Bluffworks pants are everything they are advertised to be. They are enjoyable to wear whether or not you are traveling.


Bluffworks Zenith Dress Shirt

I also like the Bluffworks Zenith dress shirt. It’s 94% Polyester, 6% Spandex and is very hard to wrinkle. I especially like the hidden buttons under the collar. The shirt also dries quickly. The shirt pairs well with the Original Travel pants and works for casual or more formal settings.