North Macedonia Hopes to Join EU and NATO

North Macedonia is a country of 2.1 million people in Southeast Europe. It declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and was recognized by the United Nations in 1993.

This small country changed its name from Macedonia in 2019 to resolve a dispute with Greece in the hope of joining the European Union. North Macedonia signed an accession protocol to become a NATO member state in February 2019.

The break up of Tito’s Yugoslavia is still being felt.

Dubrovnik Grapples with Tourism

I recently visited Dubrovnik. This PBS NewsHour segment does a nice job of describing the challenges created by throngs of tourists visiting this beautiful medieval city.

You can see my photos of Croatia here.

I have watched the PBS NewsHour for many years and appreciate the consistent quality and variety of all it covers and the way the program respects the time of its viewers.