TV Series: 'Arctic Circle'

I just finished watching a Finnish-German TV series entitled Arctic Circle. Most of the series takes place in Lapland, the largest, northernmost and least densely populated region of Finland. Less than 4% of Finland’s 5.6 million people live in Lapland.

The crux of the story is the hunt for a deadly virus that has the potential to spread and kill many people. The heroine of the story is Lapland police officer Nina Kautsalo who is ably portrayed by the beautiful Iina Kuustonen. The hunt for the virus involves international crime figures and Finland’s neighbor Russia. There subplots include a love story, parental love and the complexities of modern marriage. It’s hard to describe more without spoilers. The dialogue is in Finnish, English, German and Russian. The subtitles are good and easy to follow.

The scenery is gorgeous. I really now want to visit Lapland, one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

By Čeština: Petr Vodička, WikipedieEnglish: Petr Vodička, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0,

You can read more about this fine series on The Euro TV Place, which is my primary source for great European television worth watching. The series is available exclusively on a new streaming service called Topic. Topic is also available as an Amazon channel, which is how I watched it.











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Last updated: February 23, 2020


History: ‘Auschwitz Untold’ on History

This History special depicts the Nazi persecution and extermination of European Jews by combining newly colorized footage from the Holocaust and rare, first person interviews with survivors. Seventy-five years after the liberation, these survivors, who were young children at the time of the Holocaust, reflect on the tragic circumstances that lead to their internment and reveal the ways in which they survived the brutal Nazi campaign. Ultimately, a story of incredible courage, faith, and resilience emerges from the darkness of this horrific chapter in history.

The documentary premieres on January 26, 2020.


Norwegian TV Series: "Occupied"

The premise of this thought-provoking political thriller TV series on Netflix is that Europe is starved for oil that Norway could provide but refuses to do so for environmental reasons. Russia responds with a “soft” occupation of Norway with the consent of the European Union. The series is very relevant to issues in the news including climate change and Russian influence.

All three seasons of the series are on Netflix now. The series came highly recommended by The Euro TV Place, which over the years has helped me find a lot of great TV I would not have otherwise discovered. The series is hard to stop watching and the Norwegian scenery is beautiful.


Dubrovnik Grapples with Tourism

I recently visited Dubrovnik. This PBS NewsHour segment does a nice job of describing the challenges created by throngs of tourists visiting this beautiful medieval city.

You can see my photos of Croatia here.

I have watched the PBS NewsHour for many years and appreciate the consistent quality and variety of all it covers and the way the program respects the time of its viewers.