Is Blogging About Readership?

Ferdy Christant commenting on his blog on Medium:

My blog is incredibly unsuccessful. And rightfully so. I barely blog anymore and don’t find it very important. I do absolutely nothing to promote it. I’m fine by all of this. The rare article that I publish will get almost no readers at all, I’m talking dozens. I’m pretty much talking to myself here. On the upside, I tend to agree with a lot of things written here.


Why Blog?

I love reading about what motivates people to blog.

Jack Baty explains that he blogs to share a few notes about what he’s thinking right now:

I’m just putting things here for my future self, mostly. If people occasionally stumble across something interesting or helpful here, all the better.

Baty, a web designer in Michigan, has been a blogging since 2000.


Blogging for the joy of sharing

Kirk Tuck is a superb Austin photographer and a long-time blogger. He recently decided to eliminate ads from his blog:

After writing a lot this year and cutting out almost all links back to commercial sites and commercial products I realized that I never really wanted the blog to exist in order to provide any sort of financial return beyond perhaps having a potential client stumble across the writing and taking a chance by hiring me. 

I think it will be refreshing to just write about, and discuss photography (and swimming, etc.) without the idea that we need to buy more stuff or review stuff in order to have a nice dialogue. I hope you feel the same. 

No more ads here. No more subtle suggestion that it’s time to……upgrade, improve the inventory or just get a buying adrenaline dose. We’ll just keep writing and reading about life in photography and everything I like around the edges.

This post takes me back to my original attraction to blogs and blogging. It was one person sharing what he or she likes with others for the joy of it. It was people helping people. The word “monetization” did not exist.

Anyone could read without joining something like Facebook or Medium. There were no ads. I love the open web.

I often read that affiliate links don’t sway the writer’s opinion. I am skeptical. I figure anyone who posts an affiliate link hopes readers will click on it and buy something. I wonder if the affiliate link has an impact on the writing. I especially think this is a big issue on YouTube.

I want to thank Kirk for his post and for his fine blog. His first post appeared on January 26, 2009, over ten years ago. I always look forward to his posts.

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