Thoughts on Blogging

Over the years I’ve blogged on and off on various platforms including Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, Ghost, and Blot.

I think I have focused too much on the platform and not nearly enough on the content and my reason for blogging.

I’ve benefited greatly by reading blogs. Through blogs, I’ve discovered great TV series, books, movies and podcasts. I’ve also kept up with technology and photography by reading blogs.

Every blogging platform has pluses and minuses. I need to stop comparing platforms and just write. I settled on WordPress because WordPress makes it easy to create and edit posts from anywhere. I find the WordPress iOS app useful and convenient. Having said that, all the blogging platforms get the job done. And that’s what counts.

I want to contribute in the hope that my experiences will help others as others have helped me.

Photography: Export from Lightroom to

I just installed a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that allows me to export images directly to my Media library. It seems to work well and this will be a time-saver. Instructions for using the plugin are here.

This is another good reason to use WordPress.

Returning to WordPress

I’ve experimented with many different blogging platforms and have settled on WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to post from a laptop or a smartphone and has all the features I need. I love the iOS app. I find it very easy to use. I went back and forth between and self-hosted and settled on All I want to do is blog and I’d like to keep it simple.